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What's a Luden?

Hi we are Luden, and we would really like a better internet.

Thankfully, we believe that search engines and social media superpowers are on the same page. They place value in authenticity, and their algorithms are getting sharper every time you blink.

So, I hope you are here because you feel the same way. That you have built an elegant business, but lack the time to build an elegant online presence.

I hope you are here because you want a growth-partner –  someone with refined expertise in search engine optimization, digital marketing, and lead generation.

That’s certainly why we are here. To ensure that your business has equity in the Future of the Internet.

Why should I outsource my digital marketing?

Your business needs you elsewhere. You stay focused on building an elite product or service, and let us take you to market (digitally). Maintain flexibility at the same time. 

Luden takes pride in its elite reputation as an SEO growth-partner. From top-of-the-market backlink building, to calculated SEO, and decisive content strategy – our commitment is to do things properly; you go and be a business owner!

But my second cousin’s best friend does SEO, why don’t I just hire him?
Simple, you get what you pay for.
Our processes and channels of communication epitomise excellence. We know how to protect and cultivate a brand. Lastly, we align our goals with yours – we make it our business to see you hit your digital marketing KPIs, generate the right B2B leads, and unlock your business’ potential.

your happiness comes first

Let Luden take your next project to new heights

Premium White-hat Link Building
Luden uses white-hat link building to expertly strengthen your backlink profile with links that hold their value. We will find you backlinks that affect rankings.
Strategy: Keywords & Content

Our approach is holistic. We don’t just hand you some keywords, we want to craft you a Marketing Funnel. We keep it direct, we keep it focused, and we will build it around your existing site architecture, and UI/UX strategies.

Content Creation: Best of Class

The internet has a lot of
generic, second-rate content. If
that’s what you want, maybe check out Fiverr. We craft custom, unique, content that attracts leads,
draws organic backlinks, and
keeps your audience listening.

Digital Solutions

Got something different in mind:
PPC? Web design? A funky new
screensaver? There are some
smart cookies on our team.
Contact us and we will either
solve your problem, or direct you towards someone who can.

Because we are focused on high-end delivery, we keep our clientbase small
We do not take on contracts under $2500

If you’re a marketing and business grad fresh out of university...


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