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Luden is powered by a results-driven team.

Our strategies are designed to maximise the return on your investment.
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Our Values


Luden is a focused team who
invests in you, your company, and
your goals. 


We genuinely want a better
Internet, and for you to be a part
of it.


We aren’t here to be your agency, we are here to be your partners and to cultivate a relationship built around transparency.


It’s at the heart of what we do and why we deliver excellence for our partners
time and time again.

Our Story

South Africa is where it all began – it is Luden’s home; however, our reach is limitless. Our client base is worldwide; from Silicon Valley, to New York, over to London, and Europe all-round. We have experience in various niches, from SaaS and the Financial Markets to Property Development, Education, and Dentistry. We know what works and what it takes to see that needle move.

Luden is a word of Dutch (and Latin) origin, it means ‘you learn from play’. But play is a serious thing around here – less Sunday football, more Premier League. The idea is that you learn from doing, that philosophy is to be lived and not studied, and that no matter what you have made, you keep making it better.


Luden is Jonathan’s brainchild. While his academic and corporate background lies is in finance and investment,
he was quickly drawn towards the wonders of the Internet (shower thought: it’s kind of the home of everything we know as a species). 

He is fanatical about music and the outdoors. He is a multi-instrumentalist, lives for time in the ocean, and is obsessed with the African bushveld. He also reads a lot, writes a lot, and talks even more.

For the last 5 years, Jonathan has ranked numerous websites onto the first page of Google, delivered elegant digital solutions to multiple happy partners and built a team that does the same.

Oh yeah, and Jonathan sounds a bit biblical, so just call him Jonty.


Ash studied in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she
obtained her BPhil Honours in Marketing Management at The IMM Graduate School of Marketing.

The psychological element of Marketing excites her most and she finds that you learn something new everyday in this dynamic, fast-paced, industry.

An animal-lover who enjoys nature, she can often be found spending time with her family on their farm in Botswana, her home country. When she isn’t there, she is eating out and socialising with friends over the weekend.

Her two mottos in life are:
“What you put in is what you get out” and “Work hard, play hard, be kind.”


Chloë studied Marketing Management at the IMM
Graduate School of Marketing in Stellenbosch, South Africa. In 2020, she graduated with BPhil Honours in
Marketing Management. 

Chloë is a digital marketing strategist, consultant and team member at Luden Marketing. She loves living the laptop lifestyle, and enjoys all things digital. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors on the farm, being creative and socialising with friends. She can also be found spending time shopping as well as relaxing with a good cup of coffee, and something sweet of course.

Chloë enjoys living life to the fullest and always spreads sunshine and positivity wherever she goes.


Marelize studied Bsc Microbiology and Biochemistry at the University of Potchefstroom. After graduating she did her postgraduate in Business management. Her focus shifted from the biology and chemistry industry to business which grew and became her ultimate passion. 

She is a driven, positive and enthusiastic person who
believes that you can never stop learning and strive to better yourself everyday. She has been involved in sport most of her life and developed great teamwork skills, as it is always better to work together. Her dream is to travel and one day be able to say that she saw most of the world whilst enjoying the journey with family and friends. She loves impulsive adventures and making memories. She also feels that there is always time for a quick joke since life is too serious. So have fun and make it worthwhile with everyone and everything you love.